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Veteran finds resources she needed with DAV

Marian Smith so loved her career as a C-130 flight medic in the Air Force Reserves that, once she completed her service, she began a course of study to become a nurse – first a licensed practical nurse (LPN), and now she’s pursuing her BSN to become a registered nurse (RN). And she might not stop there.

“I may even go further,” says Marian. “I found my dream career and could never imagine doing anything different.”

But Marian knows that the transition from service to civilian life can be difficult, and, she says, it’s important to have others who help you along the way.

“Transitioning back to civilian life is never easy, and it’s not the same for any two people,” says Marian. “Circumstances are different for each person. I think the hardest thing for me was being gone from family and friends, missing special occasions.”

Having family and friends who keep you in the loop, says Marian, can help ease the transition for veterans returning home – getting together with them and catching them up on what they missed and making sure they don’t feel left out of the circle. DAV was part of Marian’s ‘circle.’

“DAV helped me with my service-connected injury and getting into vocational rehab,” says Marian. “I owe them my entire future – getting back to civilian life and having the career I have now.”

Paying it forward, Marian wants to help spread the word to other veterans that DAV is there for them too, to help them move forward into the next best chapter of their lives.

“DAV has resources and they are willing to help veterans find these resources and utilize them,” says Marian

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