Create a Field of Flags

Create your own Field of Flags to honor local veterans and raise critical funds to support our nation's ill and injured heroes. Your Field of Flags can be almost anywhere outdoors, such as a school lawn, in front of a business or even outside your home! Each flag represents one veteran - and our unwavering commitment to serving all veterans after they've sacrificed so much for our country.

Field of Flags

How does it work?

First, sign up at at the event signup page. Next, find sponsors for each flag in honor or in memory of a veteran in their lives. DAV will mail you a flag kit for you to display the flags in your own Field of Flags the week of Veterans Day to show your support of veterans.

A special web page will be created just for you to help you spread the word to your community, collect donations online for each flag sold in honor of a veteran and to provide you with the tools needed for a successful fundraising event.


Want to bring Field of Flags to your school? Click here to download our Field of Flags poster to introduce the program to your Principal or Social Studies faculty.