About DAV

Navigating the transition from service to civilian life is not always easy, but we believe no veteran should have to go at it alone. DAV provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families, in positive, life-changing ways. We ensure veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits they deserve, provide care and support during tough times, advocate for the veteran community on Capitol Hill, connect veterans with meaningful employment, and so much more.

How DAV Helped Mike Biggs

Mike was a medic in the U.S. Army. During his service, he experienced a lot of trauma. “It was a very painful experience for me; and, for my generation, PTSD did not exist as a diagnosis … and over time, it became an issue in my life,” Mike explains, “I became homeless through the mentality of taking care of everybody else and not myself. My pride did not want me to go from house to house, seeking help from my family, so I walked away to figure out my life.”

Mike was struggling with depression, anxiety and other symptoms of PTSD. He credits DAV for helping him complete his journey and for reconnecting him with his family. With DAV’s help, Mike was able to seek the treatment he needed, secure housing in a safe community and get the additional resources he needed.   

“[DAV’s help] was tremendous. I’m reuniting with my children … my grandchildren … my siblings — and I know they love me, and they know I love them,” says Mike.

How We Help Veterans

We provide free, professional assistance to more than 1 million veterans every year to connect them with the healthcare, disability, employment, education and financial benefits they have earned through military service. The past 100 years, we have submitted more than 12 million claims on their behalf. If you need help or know someone who needs help, contact your local DAV office.

The journey from injury to recovery is not complete until a veteran is able to find meaning in his or her life. For those who are able that means getting back to work to care for their families. DAV’s employment program connects transitioning active duty, Guard and Reserve members, veterans and their spouses with employers. In 2022, DAV hosted 85 traditional and virtual career fairs with RecruitMilitary and had 16,083 attendees. Find a career fair near you.

DAV operates a fleet of vehicles around the country to provide free transportation to VA medical facilities for injured and ill veterans. DAV stepped in to help veterans get the care they need when the federal government terminated its program that helped many of them pay for transportation to and from medical facilities. Our Transportation Network is staffed by volunteers, with rides coordinated by 161 Hospital Service Coordinators around the country. Need a ride? Need a ride?

We host information seminars in cities across the country to educate veterans and their families on specific veterans’ benefits and services. These free seminars are hosted by our highly trained National Service Officers. Find an Information Seminar near you.