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American Homecoming

Navy service member Garrett Robitallel receives the true "American Homecoming" he earned.
Navy service member Garrett Robitallel receives the true "American Homecoming" he earned.

Reality Show Shines a Light on Disabled Veterans

City Gate Entertainment announces the development of a new TV series with a fresh take on the home renovation genre called “American Homecoming”. American Homecoming is a Home Renovation reality series set in the vein of Fixer Upper, While You Were Out, and Extreme Home Makeover – but with a patriotic twist. It is an unfortunate fact that many of our veterans return from serving our country disabled, to a house that no longer serves them. What was once an easy walk up a couple of steps to the front door now requires a ramp. Hardwood floors are not a luxury but a necessity.

Navigating the house now becomes a difficult, time-consuming, often-aggravating chore. In American Homecoming, our veteran, and their family, will be sent away for one week on a surprise vacation. Meanwhile, our expert team of carpenters and designers, along with an army of volunteers, mobilizes with military precision to renovate and remodel the house. Each episode concludes with the unsuspecting family returning to a yard filled with our army of volunteers waiting to introduce them to their new home. The house has, once again, become a home deserving of an American hero. Now, our returning veteran finally gets the American Homecoming a hero deserves.

Hosted by Jack Maxwell

Best known as the host of “Booze Traveler”: Best Bars and The Trip (76 episodes) on the Travel Channel. He has a passion for supporting our nations disabled veterans and will lead us on this journey of renovation and giving our hero's the home and homecoming, they deserve.

“American Homecoming touches all the bases. It highlights patriotism and our respect for the disabled veterans who have served our country, it features the do-it-yourself theme that is so popular right now, and it draws them together in a heartwarming, inspiring and affirming package.” Jim Stovall – Author of the Ultimate Gift

“DAV is proud to be a part of the pilot episode of American Homecoming. The show shines a light on our disabled veterans and their service to this great country. American Homecoming makes you proud to be American and proud of our disabled veterans.” - Barry A. Jesinoski – DAV National Adjutant/CEO

American Homecoming can be seen at 

Will you join DAV in cultivating care for the families of our nation’s disabled veterans?  A monthly gift of $19, $25 or $30 can provide disabled veterans and their families with the help they need. 

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