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Does your company love veterans? We do too. Show veterans your appreciation by hosting a Field of Flags this Veterans Day!

Without the service and sacrifices of our nation’s heroes, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today.  One easy way your company can support veterans in your own community is by joining forces with DAV (Disabled American Veterans) this Veterans Day.

Giving back is the best way forward in our world today. And, upholding the respect and dignity of our veterans is one cause that everyone can get behind. Now, more than ever, it's important for companies to focus on social responsibility. Giving back to the local community most often takes the form of volunteering, advocating or donating. 

When a great company and a great cause come together, it's a win-win for everyone! 

“Aligning your brand with DAV – in a common mission to empower veterans to lead high-quality lives – allows us to be a force for good together,” said Barry Jesinoski, DAV’s CEO and national adjutant. “Companies who are more mission-centric, instead of being merely transactional, build stronger relationships with their customers. Standing united for the sake of veterans encourages your customers to more heartily embrace your brand.”

DAV’s Field of Flags campaign is returning for Veterans Day on November 11, 2024. Field of Flags empowers companies like yours to set up a field of proudly waving American flags, all to honor local veterans and raise critical funds to support our ill and injured heroes. Companies can begin their Field of Flag campaign now by signing up at

Each flag honors a different hero. And, behind each flag is a unique story — a story about courage and freedom. A story about sacrifice. A story worth honoring.  

You can join companies like Moore and Menasha who said YES to the call to support veterans:

Moore honored over 300 veterans with their Field of Flags
Moore was founded in 2003 and is a leading constituent experience management company focused on integrating the donor experience across all platforms, channels and devices. Their mission is to fuel clients’ growth by leading on insights, technology and dedicated service. Their vision is to continue “until every client mission is complete.”

“We love our veterans and DAV made it easy to help us show it,” said Meg Dawes, Moore’s CDR Division executive vice president of client services. “This campaign was a perfect way to personalize our appreciation for those who served.”

Menasha hosts a Field of Flags inside offices for employee veterans

With humble beginnings as a wooden pail factory in 1849, Menasha is now one of the oldest and most successful, family-owned manufacturing businesses in the country. Menasha is committed to being a force for good in their community.   

“We have a lot of employees who are veterans themselves, and Field of Flags was a great new project to support employees on Veterans Day,” said Lauren Salcido, Menasha’s project manager. “Our employee committee worked with our company foundation to sponsor flags for all of our employees to honor the special veteran in their life - and we displayed our field indoors!”



                                       Add your company to the list of organizations hosting Field of Flags in 2024.


Field of Flags FAQ 

How does Field of Flags work?
STEP ONE:  Sign up at  

STEP TWO:  Recruit donors to honor a veteran in their lives by adding flags to your field. Each flag donated can represent one or all veterans and our unwavering commitment to them for their sacrifices. All donations raise critical funds to support DAV’s life-changing services for veterans, their families and survivors. 

STEP THREE: DAV will send you a flag kit to build your own Field of Flags the week of Veterans Day.

How do we spread the word to recruit flag donors?
A special web page will be created for your company to help you spread the word to your community, collect donations online and to provide the necessary tools for a successful fundraising event. We encourage you to use all of your internal channels for communication, including email, social media, website and in-office promotions.  

By sending internal employee emails and doing in-office building fundraising, Moore was able to erect a field of 150 flags!  

Can our company provide a donation?
Yes! Moore offered a matching gift, doubling all donations collected by employees. Menasha worked with their company foundation to provide a donation giving all employees one flag.

Can we host a field of flags indoors?
Yes! Instead of displaying their field outside, Menasha decided to do an indoor display. Using paper flags about 3x5 in size, they posted their flags on a wall inside their offices for all employees to see. Each flag had a space where employees could write in the name of the veteran they wanted to honor. Indoor flag kits are available online only to organizations who register for the campaign. You can download and print at any time.

Can I participate if our offices are in a multi-use building?
Yes! Moore signed up for Field of Flags and worked to get permission to solicit their whole building (inviting the other corporate tenants) to participate in this initiative and plant the flags just outside their office building.

Sign up to create your own field at

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