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5 reasons people donate cars to charity

If you’re like most people, car donation may seem a bit confusing. Many people wonder, “Who would want to donate their car to a charity instead of selling it?”

Typically, there are two main reasons behind someone's decision to donate. The first is a necessity (repairs may be too expensive). The second is convenience (donating can be less time-consuming than selling).

People also like to support veterans in unique ways. Car donors often have a deep love for disabled veterans and their families. Many donors appreciate the opportunity to contribute in this mutually beneficial way. 

Here are five reasons people donate cars to help veterans with DAV:

#1) A friend or family member wants to honor the memory of a veteran. 
These donors value the opportunity to honor someone by donating to a meaningful cause like DAV.  

“Our 2007 BMW X3 is the second vehicle we donated to Disabled American Veterans. This donation is extra special to us. Kelsee Lainhart is one of the Marines injured during the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan in August 2021. Her family attends the same church as we do. Although the U.S. government is taking good care of Kelsee and the other injured Marines, Kelsee will need long term help and support. We wanted to donate this vehicle to DAV in honor of Kelsee Lainhart's service to our country and to help injured service men and women who need the help and support of organizations like DAV.” - Alan Burck

#2) An older adult who can no longer drive decides to donate their car.
These donors express a sense of pride in knowing that although they can no longer operate their vehicle, they are contributing to a greater cause.

“I inherited my great aunt Nora's Buick Century when she went into a nursing home and I loved that car! So, when my dad, a Vietnam vet who suffers from dementia, gave me his car, my dilemma was what to do with the Buick. I found DAV online and my choice was made. I was thrilled to do my small part to help veterans in need.” - Maureen Burke

#3) An appreciation for veterans.
These donors express that they want to do their part to thank the brave women and men who served our country. 

“It was laid on my heart to donate my car to DAV because I love our veterans. Our veterans have always put others before themselves and they have put their lives on the line to protect and defend our beautiful country. They are all my heroes. Donating my car was just a simple way to say thank you.” - Amy Walker

#4) A family car that has been passed down through generations is no longer needed.  
These donors recall fond memories of road trips and family vacations. As they say goodbye, they state, “It served its purpose for our family, but now it’s time for its next adventure.” 

“We bought a car at an [Army & Air Force Exchange Service] in Hanau, Germany, in 2004. It was right after my husband came back from Iraq. We purchased this particular one as it had a DVD player in the back for our two youngest kids to enjoy. We are/were a military family and this car is where our middle learned how to drive and use it for college. And then, our youngest learned how to drive and use when he was home for college. Now that they have their own vehicles, we can finally donate it to a great cause. We have great memories and our little ‘Maxx’ will be missed, but we know he is well taken care of by DAV!! Thank you for doing great things in our military community and keep serving others!!” - Claudia Davenport

#5) No longer need a second or third car.
These donors are giving away a car that became a part of them, but their lives are changing as time passes. The sting of saying goodbye is softened because their car is going to help veterans. 

“We cruised in this car to baseball fields all over Florida. With our boys now grown, we do not need an SUV. And when my husband retired, we felt we did not need a second car. The Lord has blessed us! We are passing it on!” - Magdalene Reed

Thank you to the donors who shared their stories with us at DAV. We are honored that DAV is your charity of choice in donating your car, truck, RV, mobile home, motorcycle, minivan, and more! Together, we’re helping disabled veterans of all generations and their families lead fulfilling lives! 

Call us toll free at 833-CAR-4DAV (833-227-4328) seven days a week or submit the secure online form at

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