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Veteran attends DAV/RecruitMilitary Veterans Job Fair, lands “perfect” job

Austin Lasiter served his country for four years as a Marine. 

“I didn’t have anything going for me after high school, so I enlisted, and five weeks after I graduated, I was standing on the yellow footprints,” said Lasiter.

While service provided him with the direction he was seeking, entering the workforce after  military service proved daunting. 

“Finding work was difficult because my resume lacked a lot of the professional business experience,” said Lasiter. 

He also sensed that prospective employers might be apprehensive about hiring a veteran.

“There’s a lot of hesitation around the term veteran, too,” he said. 

But when Lasiter attended the DAV/RecruitMilitary Veterans Job Fair in Oakland, Calif., last summer, he was connected with an employer who was committed to hiring veterans, and valued the skills and talents he could bring to their company.

“I loved it! I was employed by Fresenius Medical Care,” said Lasiter. “I have found my calling in the work world and the job suits me perfectly. I would definitely tell other vets to go to a DAV job fair!”

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