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Helping Latoya Lucas

On July 21, 2003, an ambush of rocket-propelled grenades thrust Army veteran Latoya Lucas and her platoon of Humvees in the air causing her severe polytrauma, including a shattered pelvis.

"All I could think about at that moment was getting back home to my husband and daughter,“ said Latoya.

After multiple blood transfusions and grueling physical and occupational therapy, Latoya is mentally and physically stronger than ever.

“During a time when I felt helpless, DAV became one of my biggest supporters. DAV representatives were constantly visiting me and showing how much they cared about my health and well-being. Just as they supported me, I support them now as a life member. I advocate on behalf of wounded women veterans, and mentor veterans just like me to help them get the support they deserve,” said Latoya.

Hear how DAV was there for Latoya in this recording from our live stakeholder call.






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