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For veteran in the path of destruction, DAV was there to help

When Hurricane Michael barreled into the Florida Panhandle in October of 2018, Air Force veteran Edgar Lane, Jr. braced for its force inside a friend’s house in Panama City that was well equipped to withstand the most powerful storms.

“It sounded like a freight train for about 20 minutes, then for another 15 minutes,” says Edgar.

When the destructive winds ceased, Edgar and his neighbor emerged from the house to discover that the storm had ripped a swath of trees so deep and wide that they could now see distant neighborhoods.

“I could see places that were three to five miles away that you’d have never seen if the trees had not been removed, and I saw houses with trees in them,” says Edgar. “It took a number of days to get out of our neighborhood because of downed trees and debris.”

Edgar’s property had suffered damages, including both his home and his vehicle.

“My tool shed had a tree go through it, my house had a broken window, and my carport had holes in it,” he says.

In the wake of the disaster, DAV was there for Edgar along with several organizations throughout the community. 

“DAV helped me,” says Edgar, who received assistance from DAV’s Disaster Relief Fund by way of essential funds to help with expenses. 

“I’ve got most of it together, and DAV helped me. We’re ‘850 strong’ here,” says Edgar, proudly referring to his Panama City community, whose area code is 850.

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