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“DAV changed my life”

In the early 1980s, Army veteran Mark Crowl spent a year in Germany rebuilding tank ranges for the new M1 Abrams tank. During that time—as is common among servicemembers—he suffered hearing loss. 

After his service, Crowl needed hearing aids but went without them for decades.

“For 30 years I needed them,” he said. “I went to the VA for help two different times with my DD-214, but the VA said they couldn’t do anything for me.” 

Fortunately for Crowl, a fellow veteran offered wise counsel, and DAV would see to it that he received the hearing aids he’d long needed.

Crowl met a veteran who suggested he talk to a DAV benefits advocate. The DAV representative listened to Crowl, then set about making sure that this veteran received the hearing aids he’d long needed for his service-connected hearing loss. Crowl felt that his life had finally been changed.

“I can hear again and my family is happy as well!” he said. “I am blessed that DAV changed my life. I am a life member. Thank you for being there when no one else cares!”

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