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Creating a lasting symbol of gratitude

Michael and Danielle Bernock were on a trip to celebrate their anniversary when they passed by DAV National Headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky.

“As we were driving down the freeway, I noticed [it] and I said, ‘Look, look, look! ... There it is! That’s DAV,’” Michael said.

The Bernocks called and asked if they could stop by for a visit. Their excitement stemmed from an invitation they had received in the mail to purchase a commemorative brick to be placed in DAV’s Honor Garden.

The Honor Garden is a sacred place for reflection and serves as a living monument to the courage and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans.

“It was another way for us to give in support of what you guys do,” said the longtime DAV donors. “We thought it was cool, so we decided to go for it. We also loved that it was called an honor garden.

“We wanted to do something to participate in that honor.”

Though they have family members who are veterans, their deep desire to show love and support reaches beyond their family’s heroes to all of our nation’s veterans.

“I could not live the way I live in America if it weren’t for the sacrifices of people in uniform,” said Michael. “They’re in my heart, and I feel like I have to help if I can.” 

Will you join your fellow DAV supporters in creating a powerful and lasting symbol of gratitude to those who have sacrificed so much for our country by helping build the DAV Honor Garden—one brick at a time?

Each of these commemorative bricks can be inscribed in honor or in memory of a loved one of your choosing, featuring their name and service branch. If you would prefer, you can recognize a dedicated DAV volunteer or Auxiliary member, or etch your brick with an everlasting message of tribute to all of our nation’s heroes as the Bernocks did.
Secure your spot in the DAV Honor Garden today!
In addition to a full-payment option, we are now pleased to offer the option of making 10 monthly payments toward your brick order via credit card. After the final donation is received, your personalized brick will then be engraved and placed in the DAV Honor Garden, during the warmer season of April through September.

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