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Vietnam veteran receives critical DAV assistance after suffering heart attack

“DAV has been right there every time I needed help.”

After suffering a heart attack and undergoing open-heart surgery, Vietnam veteran James Norman reached out to DAV to help him gain critical access to earned benefits. 

At the time, Norman had a low service-connected disability rating, which greatly limited his access to much-needed care. But like military members are trained to do, Norman refused to give up.

Once he was able to walk, Norman met with a DAV benefits advocate who ensured he received the benefits he earned. Years later, when new policies on Agent Orange exposure allowed Norman to file a new claim, DAV was there to help once again. Norman calls his rating increase “a godsend.”

“DAV has been right there every time I needed help,” he said. “I always recommend the DAV service reps to anyone who asks about what to do with approaching the VA for assistance. DAV is a great organization representing disabled veterans. That's why I joined and that’s why I am a life member.” 

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