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Veteran Receives Help with Claim

After leaving the military, finding a job was a job in itself for veteran Courtney Smalls who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As he transitioned to civilian life, many things were weighing on this veteran, but he soldiered on with determination.

“I had to endure losing my mother and grandmother within a 13-month period as well as being diagnosed with severe PTSD and depression,” says Smalls. “Even though I’ve gone through my share of losses, I still remained strong and never gave up.” 

For Smalls, life would change after attending a DAV/RecruitMilitary job fair – in more ways than he’d imagined.

“I spoke to the DAV representative who told me about the services that are provided to veterans not only seeking employment, but help of any kind,” says Smalls. 

DAV helped Smalls through the disability claims process when he didn’t know how to file a claim.

“Because of that help, I have been diagnosed and helped with my disability,” says Smalls. 

And that’s not the only way DAV helped.

The DAV/RecruitMilitary career fair introduced Smalls to a recruiter from Wells Fargo, where he landed a job as their Human Resources Specialist.

“After going to a DAV/RecruitMilitary job fair, I applied for a position with Wells Fargo and got hired to work my dream job as a Human Resources Specialist specializing in payroll,” says Smalls. “I’m extremely ecstatic and can’t wait to see where my new career leads me. Thank you, DAV!”

Smalls offers wise counsel to others who find themselves battling the struggles he faced transitioning from service to civilian life. 

 “Keep your head high and continue to fight, is what I will tell any veteran trying to find normalcy.”

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