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Family Honors a Father's Service with Car Donation

David Miles comes by his commitment to veterans quite naturally – it’s rooted in the deep pride he feels for his father who served 16 years in the Army as a Sergeant MP (Military Police), and experienced two tours in Korea before a service-related injury forced him into retirement. 

“We’re real proud of him for doing as many tours as he did, I look up to him for that,” says David. 

Like so many veterans, DAV was there for David’s father after he served his country.

“DAV is such a worthy cause. My dad benefited greatly from DAV after his service. We wanted another veteran to benefit from our donation,” says David.

So, when David and his wife Michelle, of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, wanted to make a difference in a veteran’s life, DAV made it easy for them through the DAV vehicle donation program. The Mile’s family’s beloved 2008 Ford Freestar, aka, the “Family Truckster,” continues on a new journey – one that will make a difference for many veterans.

“The Freestar was with us for the first 10 years of our daughter’s life,” says David. “We called it the Family Truckster, like the wagon from the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation. We could fit a lot of people into that vehicle.”

The DAV vehicle donation program makes it easy to part with an extra or old car, at no charge to the donor, and will pick up the vehicle at the donor’s convenience.

“Donating our vehicle was easy,” says Mr. Miles. “DAV helped us throughout and explained everything when we were missing a document related to the car.”

A DAV car donation becomes a resource to help veterans live a life with the respect and dignity they deserve. Vehicle donations can also qualify for a tax deduction. More information about donating a car to benefit veterans is available by calling (833) 227- 4328 or visiting


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