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Air Force veteran remains committed to serve in time of crisis

They say to look for the helpers during difficult times. When you do, you’ll find people like Air Force veteran Marian Smith.

Despite the risk, Smith is steadfast in her commitment to be of service to others.

 “This time is almost like being away in the military,” she said. “You miss birthdays, weddings, funerals. It is, again, many heartaches and sacrifices. As a nurse, we are not allowed to see anyone, such as friends, outside family, or nurses from other facilities, because we cannot risk contracting the virus and passing it on to our patients. We are missing, as are all others, that human touch.”

After her career as a C-130 flight medic in the Air Force Reserves, Smith began her course of study to become a nurse. DAV was there for her as she transitioned out of service, assisting her with her benefit claims and helping her receive vocational rehabilitation benefits. 

“I owe them my entire future—getting back to civilian life and having the career I have now,” she said.

“I found my dream career and could never imagine doing anything different,” said Smith. “It has been a journey I am proud of and has taken me to a place where I have a career that is not just a job but something that has meaning in my life and hopefully meaning to those that I care for with the respect and compassion that everyone deserves.”

Paying it forward, Smith wants to help spread the word to other veterans that DAV is there for them too, to help them move forward into the next best chapter of their lives. 

“DAV has resources and they are willing to help veterans find these resources and utilize them,” said Smith.

DAV was there for Marian in her time of need and, today, and always, Smith is there for others.

“I am grateful for my work and for all that I have been able to achieve,” said Smith, who is now looking forward to starting her MSN program. "I feel that even with all the obstacles and challenges I have faced, I have been blessed to become someone who gets to care for and make a difference. This storm shall pass, as do all storms.”

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