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A Property Donation Means Life-changing Support for Veterans in Need

When you make a real estate donation to DAV, you help veterans like Gary live fulfilling lives after their service.

Gary Nutt saw the world while serving as an aircraft electrical and environmental systems mechanic with the Air Force. But while stationed at an air base in Saudi Arabia, he began experiencing excruciating headaches. 

The doctor believed Gary had a sinus infection, but the medication they offered provided no help. Moments of intense anguish persisted after Gary left the Air Force. Doctors removed part of the former airman’s skull, hoping to end the agony. But instead, his symptoms worsened. He began having seizures, and his speech and reaction time slowed.

Gary was eventually laid off from his job at an air conditioning repair company after they considered him a hazard to the workplace. With a wife and daughter to support, he could no longer provide for his family, and they slipped into financial distress.

Thankfully, Gary’s wife, Sarah, reached out to DAV (Disabled American Veterans).

DAV helped Gary secure a higher VA rating based on the severity of his disabilities, which provided much-needed additional compensation for his family and eased their financial anxieties. And DAV was even able to help secure educational benefits for their daughter, Sadie.

When you donate unused property to DAV, you can make a huge impact for veterans like Gary and their families.

Whether you have a piece of land that is not being utilized or a house that is costing you money in maintenance or taxes, donating your real estate to DAV is easy — and the proceeds of the sale goes directly to supporting men and women who were forever changed while sacrificing for our freedoms. 

We accept any property type as long as there is equity — even if you owe back taxes, have a mortgage balance or have deferred maintenance. We will pay off all loans, liens and commissions owed as well as all closing costs. Plus, you could receive a significant tax deduction.

All proceeds from your donation will support DAV’s life-changing programs and services for veterans in need, including our free professional assistance with benefits, medical transportation, employment support and more.

Your real estate donation will help our heroes live fulfilling lives after their service. Find out more about DAV property donations by visiting or by calling 844-277-4663.

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