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Why I became a lifetime member

Says Lisa: I’m proud to say I served as a medical officer in the USAF, USAF Reserves, and Air National Guard (ANG) during my military career, which spanned three decades. 

In 1999, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Then, in 2013, I discovered the medication I was taking caused me to get Lupus. I was devastated … and afraid. 

Although I retired from the ANG, I hadn’t applied for my VA benefits until a DAV Service Officer explained to me that I qualified for them. As a career military member and a retiree, I felt stupid that I didn’t know more about veterans’ benefits. My service officer was so kind, he explained to me that many service men and women are unaware of the benefits they’ve earned. And not just veterans who are injured in combat – those with chronic illnesses like me, too. 

DAV is truly the best service organization. Not only do they impact veteran’s lives on a personal level, they also advocate for legislation that protects and provides benefits to disabled veterans.  That is why I chose to become a lifetime member and contribute to DAV whenever possible through advocacy, service, and financial giving.

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