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Thirty-year veteran sees benefits stalled by red tape until DAV saves the day

Army veteran Alexander Murphy suffered numerous injuries during his service, but among the most painful were those inflicted on his legs in a truck collision.  

“We were in a truck, and there was a convoy coming. There was another military truck that tried to pass in an area where he couldn’t make it,” recalls Murphy. “We hit the truck, and I suffered injuries to my legs.” 

After 30 years in the Army and with painful injuries from his service, Murphy was concerned about how he would take care of his family. 

When he transitioned from the military to civilian life, Murphy attempted to apply for the benefits he had earned in service.

Unfortunately, he was met with nothing but red tape and bureaucracy. After 3 decades of service, obtaining the benefits he had earned seemed impossible. On top of that, he had difficulty becoming employed.

The lack of meaningful employment and the difficulties of filing a VA claim were beginning to take their toll. At first, he didn't know where to turn.

“They wanted more and more,” said Murphy. “But when I started working with DAV, that’s when my case started moving.”  

Alexander maintains that, because of DAV, he is a better man. Thanks to DAV's help obtaining his benefits, life changed for him and his family.

“I’m able to support my family,” said Murphy. “Without DAV, I would probably be nothing.”

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