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The ‘job’ of finding a job made easier thanks to DAV job fair

Air Force veteran Michael Breeden was putting in 100% effort to find new employment after he was laid off from his first job after leaving the military.

“I had applied for more than 50 jobs that I was more than qualified for in aircraft maintenance – had all applicable training, experience and certifications,” says Breeden. “But being I only had military experience and no civilian experience, I wouldn’t get hired.” 

The experience was becoming frustrating and disheartening.

“Everyone loves a veteran until they are at their door looking for a job and ready to start civilian life,” says Breeden. “I was told that I was either over-qualified, that I needed civilian experience or that they’d canceled the job.”

But a DAV job fair turned things around for Breeden. There, he was interviewed by a company that deals primarily with Department of Defense contracts. He met all the requirements and was hired on the spot.

Breeden wants other veterans—plus transitioning military members and spouses—to know that they too can find the right fit at a DAV employment event.

“The job fair opens a lot of doors that might not have been open when searching on your own,” says Breeden. “When you can meet them face-to-face, and hand over your resume, it’s more personal and they have a face to go along with it.”

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