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Satisfying Job, Satisfying Life

A satisfying job makes for a “wonderful” life.

When John Kuplast enlisted in the Marine Corps, he was fulfilling a family tradition. His father, grandfather, uncle and two cousins served their country and, like them, Kuplast wanted to serve his country and defend the flag.

“The Marine Corps provided me many opportunities and taught me teamwork, respect and honor, and courage,” says Kuplast. 

When Kuplast transitioned from service to civilian life, he found himself in an unsatisfying job, looking for a more meaningful way to provide for his family. A DAV/RecruitMilitary All-Veteran Career Fair presented opportunities that would make all the difference for the Kuplasts.

“I was impressed with the way the vendors talked to the veterans and how helpful they were,” says Kuplast. “The best overall picture from the career field was the job offers I received, and I chose BioTrans.”

BioTrans, which started in 2010 with one truck and one office, has grown into a country with a fleet of 90 trucks, 20 offices and a global presence in managing large scale outsourcing and implementation projects, propelling it to one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. It’s a work environment that John finds very satisfying.

“Prior to the job fair, I was stuck in a never-ending job and I hated going to work every day,” says Kuplast. “I now work for a company that treats all employees like family. The CEO does not believe in the word “I” in teamwork; everyone helps each other out.”

Most satisfying, says Kuplast, was the thoughtful consideration of a colleague who made sure he understood every aspect of the job through a month of one-on-one training, and he valued everything she taught him.

“I valued all she taught me, and I am so thankful to her,” says Kuplast. 

Another perk he reports is that his job satisfaction has made for a happy home life, too.

“My family life is wonderful once more and I am not miserable when I come home,” says Kuplast. “My wife is so happy that one door closed and another opened up. I look forward to coming in every day and working with my co-workers.”

Kuplast hopes other veterans will heed his advice when he says, “Attend a job fair and you will be amazed at what is there to offer.”

“In my opinion, the job fairs offered are just totally unbelievable, and very helpful,” says Kuplast. “They respect the veterans and what we have to offer.” 

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