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Parting with a “favorite” vehicle to benefit veterans

Jim Byrnes is an engineer by trade and education; he is a supporter of veterans by action. 

“I’ve had a very full career and retired in 2005,” says Jim. “I was with the VA, in the construction program, and designed and built VA hospitals. I’m not a veteran, but I would like to think that 33 years working with the VA was in some way a benefit to veterans.”

Jim continues to find ways to be of some benefit to veterans. Earlier this year, he donated his Range Rover to DAV’s Vehicle Donation Program, a program that turns donated old or extra vehicles into cash donations that support DAV’s efforts to ensure that veterans have the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms their sacrifices have made possible. 

“The vehicle I donated was my favorite,” says Jim, who owned his Land Rover/Range Rover for ten years.

In late 2017, Jim says the vehicle began experiencing some “big ticket problems.” His daughter-in-law, a veteran, told him that DAV accepts vehicle donations. In fact, DAV accepts all range of vehicle – cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, airplanes, heavy equipment, and farm machinery, whether they’re in working condition or not. The car is converted into cash, which becomes a welcome donation to DAV. Donors are entitled to a tax deduction and avoid the cost and hassle of repairing or selling a car they no longer want.

“She gave me the phone number, I followed up on it, and it was very simple from there,” says Jim. 

In January 2018, Jim filled out the vehicle contribution form and before the end of the month he received a letter from DAV thanking him for the vehicle, and another letter informing him about the amount of money he can write off on his taxes based on his vehicle donation. 

“I always like to think that this is ‘found’ money for an organization,” says Jim. “Writing a check is one thing, but giving up a car that you’re going to give up anyway – that’s not worth selling or not fixing – I know it doesn’t make much money for them, but service organizations are worthy.”

Learn more about donating your vehicle and helping veterans in need.

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