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DAV assists veteran with its signature "professionalism" and "considerate" care

Army veteran Tom Moore’s service took him all the way to West Germany, but it was right here in the states where he suffered from a service-related injury. In 2005, Moore sought assistance from DAV, and today he is a proud member of the organization that he describes as “professional” and “considerate.”

Service was nothing new to Moore’s family – his father was a Marine in Korea, his uncle was among the first ashore at Iwo Jima, and another one of his uncles served as a Korean Airborne Ranger. Moore enlisted in the army in 1983 after earning his college degree. He was yet another chapter in his family’s commitment to service, serving active duty for four years and another in the reserves.

After training as a 96C Interrogator with the Russian language, and graduating Monterey Defense Language Institute, Moore was assigned to a Border Resident Office where he served on the West German side of its border with Czechoslovakia. Working far from home at such a remote site, Moore was grateful for the German family he lived with as well as the German Federal and local police who became his friends.

“Although far from home, I always had a ‘family’ ready to share a holiday or weekend with,” he says. 

Service was tougher back in the states at a subsequent duty station. At Fort Huachuca, AZ, Moore suffered a service-connected injury on a training exercise. His knee collapsed and he was in a cast for four months. At the time, the injury healed and Tom was able to resume his physical training, but the injury later deteriorated to a point that warranted a knee replacement. By the age of 30, most of his physical activities were halted. Eventually, his other knee broke down. Fortunately for Moore, DAV was there for him.

In 2005, Moore met a local DAV National Service Officer who assisted him with the benefits he’d earned. 

“I have had nothing but professional and considerate interactions with my representatives, and the DAV as a whole,” says Moore. “My calls were always returned promptly, and if I didn't get an answer right away, or an explanation for a problem, they were back to me within 72 hours, if not sooner. I would highly recommend any veteran who has an issue, to contact the DAV for not only information, but to act as a formal representative for all claims.”

Moore also encourages those who want to help out veterans as a volunteer to do so through DAV.

With a number of different ways to help out, DAV is an excellent way to give back or honor a loved one’s service,” says Moore.

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