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Dallas: How donating your clothes saves our environment

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

The famous three big R’s to help save the environment. Earth Day is just around the corner and we’re all thinking of ways to save our planet. With DAV’s Clothing Donation Program, you can help save our planet and America’s veterans at the same time by donating your unwanted clothing and household items. 

The DAV clothing donation program, exclusive to the Dallas/Fort-Worth area, accepts all types of clothing, shoes, and home goods in good condition for children and adults. DAV partners with to provide free home pickup of your donation, making it easier than ever to help America’s veterans. 

Your donation will be picked up by our driver – and you’ll receive a tax deduction – not to mention the satisfaction of giving to a great cause. Schedule your FREE pickup online today

When you donate your clothes to charity, you are saving both the environment and our nation’s veterans. Clothing items that end up in a landfill cost an average of $45 per ton to dispose and as they sit in the landfill, they release toxic greenhouse gasses. By avoiding the landfill, clothing can be transformed into resources for our nation’s veterans. 

It’s easy! Follow these 3 steps to help a disabled veteran today: 
1.    Schedule a pickup. 
2.    Place donations outside of your home. 
3.    Our driver will pick them up.

Donate your unwanted items to DAV and help disabled veterans. Just one shirt can go a long way. Start the process today and show those who gave it all for your freedom how much you care. Your donation will do good for the environment, veterans, and ultimately, yourself. 

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