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Army veteran lands new job through DAV job fair

Army veteran Mark Henderson was doing all the right things—sending out resumes, attending job fairs—but had yet to receive good feedback from a single employer. That changed when he participated in a DAV virtual job fair.

Henderson learned about the online event while attending ACAP (Association for Community Affiliated Plans) at Carlisle Barracks, Penn. 

The virtual job fair was a win for Henderson, who found a position with Travelers Insurance.

“I thought it was interesting that you could immediately chat with the HR representative with the listed employers and receive feedback,” said Henderson. “These reps seemed more motivated to learn about you than in the physical job fairs.” 

Henderson encourages other veterans to seek new opportunities through the DAV virtual job fair too—online recruiting events that are open to all veterans, military job seekers and their spouses.

“I would encourage all veterans to give the online job fair a chance,” said Henderson. “You can concentrate on discussing your potential with employers in a confident setting. Plus, you don’t have to travel.” 

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